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Humane Society of Cherokee County: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The $500 grant was used to provide free adoptions. The $80 per dog and $60 per cat adoption fees were waived as the grant funds covered these fees.

Four dogs and three cats were adopted out by the end of October due to the generosity of the Petfinder Foundation. These animals all were adopted into forever homes and were able to move out of the HSCC shelter -- a win-win-win situation for HSCC, the adopters, and the animals!

How many pets did this grant help?

Seven animals were adopted: three cats -- Pallet and Angelina (third photo) and Stormy (fourth photo) -- and four dogs: Dolly (fifth photo), Whiskey, Cocoa, and Kent.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

This is the story of Pallet and Angelina, who were two shelter cats at HSCC. They were adopted together by a wonderful cat lover and are being pampered to no end.

Pallet (first photo) had been a tenant at our shelter since July 2, 2019. He had been hanging around the local pet store, snuck in and was captured, visited the vet, and was available at the store for adoption. However, he waited and waited to no avail, so off he went to the HSCC shelter. At that time, Pallet was feisty and had an attitude, but shortly after checking in at the shelter, he became a very entertaining guy, loved the kittens, and insisted on drinking out of a faucet. He even taught his girlfriend, Angelina (second photo), how to drink out of a faucet.

Angelina came to the shelter on March 11, 2020, due to a call from a nice lady who had been feeding her in the back yard. She could not adopt Angelina due to restrictions on the place she was renting, so Angelina ended up at the shelter. She settled in quickly, became a very playful cat, and was taught to drink water out of a faucet.

Like so many places, our shelter basically closed down to the public when COVID-19 hit. However, one of our very gifted animal caregivers wrote wonderful profiles for both Pallet and Angelina for Petfinder. We think the descriptions of cats liking to drink from faucets and the fact they were so playful really helped get them adopted. And the Petfinder Foundation’s adoption grant was instrumental in turning this whole process into such a great success story.

It is worth mentioning that the person who adopted these two wonderful cats is in the process of building them a catio. What he needs is already on order and he has the window entrance picked out to use for catio-installation purposes. He also is making sure the cats have a good faucet to drink out of. It is the one his young daughter uses every morning when she brushes her teeth. She puts her stuffed cat on the vanity by the faucet and says “drink, drink.” Now she has two cats to assist her with brushing her teeth. How fitting is that for an end to this story?

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