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OAIC, Inc. Indian Summers Border Collie Rescue: Mohawk Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Grant monies were used to provide additional health benefits -- beyond our mandatory spay/neuter, yearly vaccinations, rabies vaccination, heartworm testing and worming -- for our rescued dogs. It was used to pay veterinarian bills, therapy charges, supplements and heartworm and flea monthly preventative medication.

The more funds one has to work with, the better the job can be done in providing good care to those in need. With the additional funds provided by the Mohawk Company Operational Grant, we were able to provide a higher quality of care for those individuals that needed additional help without depleting our general working funds allocated for food and daily care of our rescued dogs. Each rescued animal comes in with different medical needs; we do not have the unlimited funding needed to save every heartworm-positive dog or other issue, although we do try by fundraising for that dog's vet bill. So when we are fortunate enough to receive operational grant monies, it makes a huge difference as to what services we can provide for those in our care needing a little more without taking away from the needs of the many. We do so appreciate the help and support, and thank you for choosing our rescue as a benefactor of your kindness.

How many pets did this grant help?

22 (six individual cases that needed additional veterinarian help, plus Revolution treatments for 16 dogs)

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Kayla is a beautiful senior split-face female Border Collie who suffered a severe, acute attack of pancreatitis, which in itself is very painful and debilitating. When added to the clinical findings of chronic intervertebral disc disease, spondylosis and osteoarthritis, it paints a very bleak future picture. Kayla will remain in our care, becoming one of the ISBCR Silver Muzzle Country Club Members, and we will do all that we can to help her live a full and painless as possible life. Kayla was already blind when she came into our rescue, which was the reason she had not been adopted out prior to this recent medical emergency.

Kayla’s Story: “Raaroo, I’m Kayla, a spayed female Border Collie, and I’m just now starting to feel better because of all the help I’m getting. And did I mention the great-tasting food, too? But that sure wasn’t the case a few weeks back. I woke up one day and could not move. I couldn’t even get off my bed to stand up to go outside and I really needed to go outside to potty! They noticed that I was having trouble right away and the people here had their hands all over me and then I was picked up, wrapped in a towel and put in a car and the next thing I knew I was being rushed into a dog hospital. The towel was wet and I was embarrassed but they cleaned me up fast before we got inside. The lady vet and her helper were really nice and gentle as they held me up and moved one leg, then the other, then picked up and pinched each of my paws. They felt all over my spine until I wrenched in pain and cried out and collapsed onto the floor. Their voices were so kind and they kept telling me how sorry they were for having hurt me. Then they took me to another room and laid me on a hard table and had to move my legs and back until I cried out again, but I knew they were trying to help. They were taking pictures and I’m used to having my picture taken back at the rescue because they say I’m so “photogenic!” Well, my belly and back must be photogenic too because we were there for a long time and there was a lot of people interested and talking about my pictures. Then they took me back to another room and pinched my neck and filled tubes with the red stuff coming out of my neck — that hurt too. Then they let me lay down and I fell asleep shaking even with the warm blanket they put on me. When I woke up they had to do another pinch and then they talked a long time to my caregivers and one carried me to the van while the other stayed and talked some more. In a little while we were headed back to my home at the rescue and they gave me some pills and some water and put me in a special bed and put the most wonderful warm light on me. For the first time all day, I finally stopped shaking and my head got fuzzy and I felt relaxed and sleepy. I wasn’t afraid anymore and the pain started to go away with each pulse of the warm, pretty lights. I fell asleep knowing that I was loved and cared about and that tomorrow would be better because there were people who cared.”

Diagnosis: Came into rescue with neck, shoulder, spine, hip and leg damage due to prior car hit. Action taken: Digital x-rays, mobilization, pain medication, water therapy (swimming, healing, strength-building), Glycoflex added to diet. (Adopted)

Diagnosis: Acute attack of colitis, inflammatory bowel disease due to a coccidial protozoan infection. Action taken: Abdominal cavity x-ray, stool samples, naturopathic pain meds, light therapy to reduce pain and inflammation, two types of antibiotics used to combat infection, and diet change.

Diagnosis: Severe, acute attack of pancreatitis. Chronic conditions found: Intervertebral disc disease, spondylosis and osteoarthritis. Action taken: Physical exam of range of motion and use of body parts, radiograph digital x-rays of spine and organs, pre-surgical full-panel bloodwork, SNAP pancreatic lipase K9, additional lab work, three pain medications, enzymes, vitamin E and milk thistle and joint- and bone-support supplements added to diet change.

Diagnosis: Chronic osteoarthritis in spine. Action taken: Radiograph digital x-ray, implemented light therapy and naturopathic pain medication, water therapy, swimming and Glycoflex supplement.

Diagnosis: Dewclaw infection and partial tear. Action taken: Dewclaws removal, stitches, 14-day bandage, pain medication, 10-day antibiotics, 4-way SNAP-test bloodwork. (Adoption pending)

Diagnosis: loss of energy. Action taken: 4-way SNAP-test bloodwork with positive Lyme result, 30-day round of antibiotics. (Adopted)

Purchased: Two 6-pack plus two free boxes of Revolution (heartworm/flea monthly preventative) provided one month of protection for 16 rescued dogs.

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