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Fayette County Humane Society: Cat Castles Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Cat Castles have been used to provide a safe and comfortable means of transport to their furr-ever homes following their adoptions for multiple cats and kittens.

Not only have the Cat Castles provided safety, they've also provided peace of mind for our employees and the adoptive pet parents. Knowing that a cat or kitten we've put so much love, time and effort into will travel securely to their furr-ever home is a great feeling. They've also helped us retain our own carriers that sometimes have been forgotten and not returned after being lent to an adopter, which results in extra costs to replace them. Cat Castles accompany our cats and kittens to off-site adoption locations as well, where they are used to help grant an adopter the ability to take their newest fur-baby home with them immediately.

How many pets did this grant help?

So far this year, the Cat Castles have helped transport over 70 cats and kittens to their new homes and will help countless more, as kitten season is just beginning.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

One recent example of a kitten the Cat Castles helped travel safely to her new home is Mallory. Mallory was the only girl in a litter of five healthy kittens, so she struggled for everything. Her entire life she’d been in competition with her four bigger, stronger, and rougher brothers. She fought for every inch she gained and every battle she won, including the race to be adopted.

On that wonderful day, a very special young lady named Brandy came to us to find her furr-ever friend. Brandy had led a similar life growing up due to her disability. Everyday tasks that may seem simple to most were difficult for her to complete. Brandy was determined not to let anything hold her back, much like Mallory. Now living independently, Brandy was ready and able to make the commitment of a loving home to a cat or kitten.

As Brandy entered The Cattery, Mallory pushed her way to the front of the pack of kittens waiting eagerly to meet the new person coming through the door. As soon as she and Brandy met, there was an instant bond, one that will only grow stronger over time, just like Brandy and Mallory have grown stronger through their struggles.

After completing Mallory’s adoption, Brandy was able to take Mallory home due to the availability of the Cat Castles. Brandy loved how the castle has multiple uses, providing Mallory with a place to play and nap for some time to come. We at the Fayette County Humane Society wish the best of luck to Brandy and Mallory as they begin their life journey together thanks in part to the Cat Castles!!

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