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Humane Society of Summit County: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The generous donation made through the Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor A Pet program was used to cover the costs of daily nutrition, shelter, enrichment activities, veterinary care, and microchipping for two of our rescued cats, Mr. Meow and Pineapple.

Each year, the Humane Society of Summit County rescues close to 2,000 animals in Summit County, Ohio (pop. 541,824), suffering from animal cruelty, illness, or injury. We serve as the haven for animals in desperate situations. Funding provided through the Sponsor A Pet program helped to alleviate a portion of the costs necessary to provide veterinary care, nutrition, shelter, and enrichment to hundreds of cats, dogs, and small animals every day.

How many pets did this grant help?

Two cats

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

The Sponsor A Pet donation helped PHSGA care for two rescued cats, Mr. Meow (first photo) and Pineapple (second photo) Mr. Meow and Pineapple knew nothing about surviving on their own outside, so when they found themselves abandoned in a cemetery, life became difficult. Unaware of threats such as vehicles, wild animals, and inclement weather, the pair were in perilous danger. Luckily, a kind and observant cemetery visitor noticed that Mr. Meow and Pineapple were out of place and in need of help. The concerned citizen was determined to help the pair find a safe and loving home before anything tragic happened. She reached out to PAWSibilities, Humane Society of Greater Akron for assistance.

Mr. Meow and Pineapple arrived at PHSGA on March 8, 2016. The two cats were relieved to be given the shelter and regular nutrition they were previously accustomed to. Along with basic care, Mr. Meow and Pineapple were tested for chronic diseases, vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed and neutered. Pineapple also underwent dental surgery to treat early signs of dental disease.

In an expression of gratitude and support for PHSGA’s role in our community, the kind citizen who rescued Mr. Meow and Pineapple from the cemetery contributed a generous donation through the Petfinder Foundation’s Sponsor A Pet program to assist with the pair’s care. Her support provided PHSGA with the means necessary to prepare Mr. Meow and Pineapple for adoption into loving homes.

Mr. Meow and Pineapple did not have to wait long for their happy endings to arrive! Pineapple’s beauty and friendly demeanor won the hearts of an adoptive family, and she was officially adopted on March 29! Mr. Meow, with his affectionate and vocal personality, found his own adoptive family on May 14! We are pleased to report that both cats are settling into their new families and thoroughly enjoying their new lives.

Mr. Meow’s new family sent us the following heartwarming update about their new addition, who has received a new name — Tyrion (the third photo is him in his new home): “We were told when we brought Tyrion home to take things slow and allow him to meet the rest of the house when he was ready. By the end of the day, he was walking around like he owned the place and met everyone. Even though he’s only been with us for two months, he has been QUITE the addition!

“We didn’t realize it at first, but now we can see he definitely has a personality. Some mornings when he is ready for us to wake up, he pats our faces repeatedly with his tiny paws (claws not included) – sometimes while reaching up from the floor! When that doesn’t appear to work, he climbs over my head and sits on my pillow meowing me the song of his people. He nips us when hungry, but not hard by any means. We’ve caught him starring at us while we’re sleeping. He loves catnip and sprints around the house in a tizzy. When I’m cooking, if I leave the refrigerator door open, he will climb in and sit. He has gotten caught in the blinds at 3 a.m. attempting to climb up a window AND he meows several times a day, living up to his previous name.

“Although we originally intended to adopt a dog, we couldn’t be more in love with him and his dog-like tendencies. Thanks for all you do and thanks for helping us pick out Ty!”

Programs such as Sponsor A Pet allow our generous, compassionate community to support our important mission to rescue animals in desperate need. When they are unable to adopt or provide veterinary assistance themselves, Sponsor A Pet gives our supporters the option to help us save lives and grant second chances!

We are grateful to the Petfinder Foundation for offering the Sponsor A Pet program to the animal-rescue community, helping sheltering organizations save more lives, one donation at a time.

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