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Crazy Cats Animal Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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With the generous support of the Petfinder Foundation, Crazy Cats Animal Rescue was able to provide urgent surgery for a tiny orphaned kitten, Bravo, to remove his badly ruptured eyes.

The grant from the Petfinder Foundation covered Bravo's veterinary evaluation from our general veterinarian as well as from board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists. Funding also covered the eye surgery for Bravo.

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Bravo is a tiny kitten who was found in a mall parking lot by a good Samaritan. He was found alone, and with horrible eye infections in both eyes (second and third photos). Crazy Cats Animal Rescue was called to his rescue. We immediately took Bravo to our veterinarian for an exam. Our veterinarian referred Bravo to the Animal Eye Institute to be examined by board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists. Crazy Cats has a volunteer licensed research veterinarian who consults with our rescue and attended Bravo’s appointment with the specialists. We were advised that Bravo’s eyes had ruptured and would need to be removed.

The specialists believe that Bravo has never been able to see and darkness is all he has ever known. His survival is miraculous. He was fostered by the director of Crazy Cats, where he ate well, grew, and was very social. Happily, Bravo was otherwise healthy and had an excellent chance for a great life once the eye surgery was done.

We are so happy to report that Bravo made a full recovery and was happily adopted by a family with experience caring for special-needs cats. They fell in love with Bravo and his story when they found him on With gratitude to the Petfinder Foundation, one very special, loving, and spunky kitten’s story is a complete success. The attached photo is Bravo in his forever home.

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