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RESCUEDohio: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Petfinder Foundation grant that we received was quickly put to use for one of our favorite senior bully mixes. The cost of her care was especially high, not just because she was a senior, but also because she had medical conditions that a standard adoption fee would never cover. This grant helped fund the testing and the procedures we needed to keep her happy and healthy as she waits for a forever home.

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In her senior years, Lana’s life was completely uprooted. Once a regular at doggy daycare and a best friend to her favorite person, she found herself in the shelter after her owner passed away.

Lana was so fortunate for that time at daycare, because the staff fell in love with her. When Lana unexpectedly appeared in a shelter photo, the manager at Camp Bow Wow instantly recognized her and agreed to foster her. RESCUEDohio was approached to help Lana find a permanent home and cover the cost of her care, and we happily obliged.

We could not have predicted that Lana would have kidney disease, arthritis, and several masses that needed to be removed, but she was still so full of life (even at 8-10 years old) and deserved the chance to love someone again. The grant we received helped us cover Lana’s mass removal, helping her transition to an adoptive family without lingering medical concerns.

Lana has been with us since September 2021 and is still waiting for her people to come along. Though she’s been waiting many months, we are happy to say that she’s received great medical care, all of her needs are met, and she gets to continue seeing her old friends at daycare when she goes to work with her foster mom. We are so grateful we could give Lana this stability and set her up for success with an adoptive family.

You can read more about Lana here.

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