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Last Chance Animal Rescue: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Last Chance Animal Rescue received an in-kind grant of Kongs worth $419.70. These Kongs were used at our sanctuary location, where we have close to 100 dogs who will call the sanctuary their permanent home, along with several rotating temporary dogs. Since receiving the Kongs, we have incorporated them into the dogs' daily enrichment. By increasing our supply substantially, we are better able to provide this form of enrichment to more of the dogs and on a more-regular basis.

At our sanctuary, we strive to provide each animal the ability to live in a way that is stress-free and most suited for their natural inclinations. In doing so, we work towards providing enrichment opportunities that each dog will engage in. Kongs are a wonderful tool for that, since they are so versatile and mimic activities within a dog's natural behavioral repertoire.

By receiving this large amount of Kongs, we are able to provide this form of enrichment regularly for all of the dogs at the sanctuary. Many of our dogs have medical problems that reduce their activity levels and enrichment opportunities. Kongs provide a way for many of these individuals with limitations to play and enjoy themselves.

The versatility of Kongs also allows us to increase the novelty of the experience by providing different-textured and -tasting foods. We are also better able to change it up and give the types of foods dogs prefer in a small, easy-to-manage dose. Having this amount of Kongs also lets us have some in use while also letting us pre-make and store some for when we urgently need a Kong. It has made preparing and providing enrichment a lot easier for staff. This improvement has not only made for happier dogs, but also happier caretakers.

How many pets did this grant help?

100 dogs

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Colt (first photo) is one of our dogs who has been at the sanctuary for around a year. He was shot with pellets and has one lodged in his spine. This injury has caused permanent mobility and bladder-control issues. Due to his physical limitations, we will be his permanent home. With his reduced mobility, he is not able to be as active as a young dog like him would like to be. Having Kongs to provide him that extra mental stimulation has given him the opportunity to play and enjoy himself just like any other young dog should. He is just one of many examples we have of dogs who are better enriching their days with Kongs.

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