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Wanderers' Rest Humane Association, Inc.: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money that was granted to us was used to help cover the medical costs of care for animals in our facility. Specifically, we used this money for prescription diet food, medical reassessment, x-rays, amoxicillin tablets, doxycycline tablets, clavamox, and a medical exam.

This grant helped our organization by helping to cover some of the financial burden caused by medications and treatments needed to help animals. In return, it allowed us to use the money we saved on other necessary medications in order to ensure all the animals in our care are receiving the proper care and treatment. Therefore, this grant helped cover operation costs of medication and treatments, and also allowed us to provide extra enrichment.

How many pets did this grant help?

Two directly, and more indirectly.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

One dog who was significantly impacted by this grant is Joker. Joker is a boxer mix who came into our shelter from poor living conditions. He had a cleft lip, was stained yellow from urine, had a severe skin infection, and was having trouble urinating. Even worse, Joker was urinating blood and leaking constantly. After a visit at the veterinary hospital, it was determined that Joker had five large bladder stones that could be resolved with a change in diet, as well as antibiotics to treat the infection.

This grant allowed us to provide Joker with the proper diet (prescription s/d food) and medication to help him heal. In addition, it allowed us to check his progress with a reassessment and x-rays to see how the bladder stones had changed. Luckily, his bladder stones had significantly reduced in size! At this point, Joker’s urination became stronger and the amount of blood significantly decreased. He became a lot more comfortable and outgoing. Joker is currently still on the prescription diet, and his bladder stones are almost completely gone. He was sent into a foster home about two weeks ago and the foster family is going to adopt him! Joker loves being around people and other animals. His occasional leaking may or may not go away, but without the stones, he will no longer drip blood and will be able to live a much better life without the pain they were causing him!

In the photos, you will see Joker when he first arrived and was stained and dripping blood, as well as his first x-ray. Then you will see how happy he is in a home and around other dogs.

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