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Broome County Humane Society: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money was used for medical supplies and treatment for two animals who were brought to/abandoned at the Humane Society with significant injuries, including emaciation, parasite infestation, flea infestation, and life-threatening blood loss.

We were able to devote the funds to two animals who were in need of immediate help. The first was a schnauzer mix by the name of Shadow who arrived at the Humane Society emaciated, infested with fleas and parasites, and with minimal body hair and a yeast infection through her skin. In addition, she was in need of bloodwork to determine the best course of action for a mass that was present on her chest. Thanks to her exams, it was determined that Shadow would not need the mass removed, as it was not a threat to her health. Pain medication, joint medications and eye medications were additional supplies that were needed to help with Shadow's road to healing.

In addition to treating Shadow, the funds were also used for a dog who was abandoned at our facility bleeding profusely from his penis. Delta received a medical evaluation and treatment which included sedation and monitoring to ensure he would not die from blood loss. We were able to treat Delta's condition with topical treatments, including warm compresses as well as pain management. Once Delta was cleared and showed no sign of further tissue damage to the urethra, we were able to get him neutered with no complications and place him up for adoption.

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When Shadow (first and second photos) was brought to the Humane Society and began her treatment, our organization reached out through social media to find her a foster home where she would be able to rest and get stronger in a home environment. Erin came to Shadow’s rescue, took her under her wing and helped her through her treatments, including rehabbing her and teaching her how to move again without the matted hair and large amount of fleas. Erin has decided that she will be adopting Shadow, pending her clearance from the vet.

Delta (third photo) is currently available for adoption since his medical treatment. Delta is one of the cuddliest dogs at the Humane Society and has healed wonderfully from his treatments with no complications. We hope that Delta will find a home soon where he can run and play and blossom in a new life! Meet Delta:

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