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Cayuga Dog Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We recently received a $1,000 Petfinder Foundation grant to help cover expenses for this dog, Gemma! Thank you so much!

Gemma was hit by a car in rural Kentucky when she was 4 months old, breaking both her legs.

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Gemma was hit by a car in rural Kentucky when she was 4 months old. In addition to breaking both of her legs badly (see x-ray), she was lodged in the grille of the car that hit her (see horrifying photo). There were no dog rescues down there and no good orthopedic options, so she suffered for several weeks without good care while the cat rescue down there used social media to try to find a dog rescue group to take her. That was us! Trying to figure out how to get her fragile self here as quickly and safely as we could (we didn’t want her in and out of dozens of cars over two days trying to make it up here using regular car-transport methods), we connected with Pilots-n-Paws, a nonprofit organization of volunteer pilots who fly special-needs dogs to rescues, free of charge. Three flights and less than a week later, Gemma arrived to us in Ithaca, N.Y., so she could get treatment at Cornell University Hospital for animals, under our care, and join our foster-care program. She got excellent care from the Cornell orthopedics and sports-medicine doctors, and was ready for adoption about four months later.

She was adopted by a lovely Ithaca-area couple who are so in love with her, they can’t stop emailing us to thank us for bringing her to them! See photos of her at the initial accident site, and her time with docs and in foster care here, as well as a pic of her with her adoptive momma!

Thanks again for helping with the finances of taking care of Gemma!

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