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Waggytail Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Emergency Medical Grant was used to partially pay medical bills associated with the repair of one of our rescue dog's double luxating-patella repair surgeries.

Geoffrey has greatly benefited from having his first knee repaired! This formerly wobbly little man is now walking tall and STRAIGHT! He is strong enough to have the second kneecap surgically repositioned. The $1,000 was put towards the medical bill for Geoffrey's first leg surgery (total cost $1,951 with neuter).

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Geoffrey was rescued from the medical wing of an overcrowded shelter in Los Angeles as part of our Waggy West rescue mission to bring small-breed at-risk dogs from L.A.’s overcrowded shelters to NYC for adoption. His sweet face and obvious fear melted our hearts, so we scooped him up to give him a fresh start in life! Geoffrey was in a pretty sad state of neglect; he had a yeast infection on his skin, two dislocating knee caps that made walking difficult, teeth that needed pulling, and paraphimosis, most likely due to muscle wasting.

In the several months he has been in foster care in NYC, he has been treated for his skin condition, neutered and had his first kneecap put back in place. With thanks to the Petfinder Foundation grant, he no longer walks with a wobble and can now follow after his foster mom in a much straighter line! Now that he is healed and strong enough, he will be getting his second knee repaired and a dental, and then he will be ready to find his forever home.

Meet Geoffrey:

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