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Central New York Cat Coalition, Inc.: Sponsor a Pet Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Sponsor a Pet program money will be used for our spay/neuter services for foster animals seeking adoption.

This money will contribute toward spay/neuter for foster animals so they can become ready for new homes.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Two of the pets sponsored were Lucky and Missy, who have been adopted. From their Petfinder profile: “Lucky and Missy are an adorable and beautiful Siamese-mix father-and-daughter duo. Both have beautiful blue eyes and extra toes! They have been inseparable since Missy was born and are looking for a home together. Lucky is approximately 6-7 years old and Missy is about 5. Both kitties lived in a home with a kind gentleman who took Lucky and his mate (Missy’s mother) in from the streets shortly before Missy was born. Unfortunately, Lucky and Missy both needed dental procedures recently and their mouths had gotten really painful since their owner could not afford to get them care sooner. That is why their owner surrendered them to the Animal Care Centers of NYC foster he had been working with for years in an effort to ensure they got the care they needed and were placed with someone who could afford to provide proper vet care for the remainder of their lives.

“Both Lucky and Missy had their dental surgeries and are now healthy, happy and ready to find a stable forever home. They are amazingly loving, gentle and sweet cats. Lucky is a full-time lap cat who wants to be getting love whenever his person is willing to give it. Missy is equally as loving, but she has more of a playful streak and knows her daddy likes some alone time with his humans so goes off to carry her favorite mouse toy around when he’s getting his one-on-one time. The two sleep, snuggle and play together and also love grooming each other.

“They are looking for a loving home together and, while they lived with several other cats at one point, their foster mom thinks they would love to just stay a kitty duo for now. They are gentle and kind so would do well with children; however, young children may be a bit too much for Lucky since he can be shy at first.

“They are super well-mannered cats who are low-maintenance and overall just a joy to have around. They have had all vetting done in addition to their dental cleanings and are ready any time. Note: Lucky and Missy have to be adopted together, no matter how good of a home they may be able to find separately. Their foster mom promised their previous owner and them that they would never be separated.”

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