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Buffalo CARES: All-Star Dog Rescue Celebration Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Money provided through this grant allowed Buffalo CARES to pay for intense board-and-train for one dog at K9 Connections in Buffalo, NY.

Buffalo CARES was able to take an unadoptable dog, Pete, and give him a second chance at life. Pete was dog-aggressive and had anxiety issues around dogs. Pete also had a high prey drive towards cats, rabbits, and squirrels. Through the intense and highly professional balanced training program he received, he was able to overcome his aggression and anxiety issues. Pete was ultimately adopted quickly following his board-and-train experience.

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Pete came to Buffalo CARES Animal Rescue from North Carolina at the age of 2. When Pete arrived in Buffalo, he was heartworm-positive. Following treatment, Pete was adopted by a local couple, but he was returned to Buffalo CARES following an incident in the adopters’ home between himself and another resident dog. It was obvious, based on Pete’s scars, that he’d had a rough start in life, but the aggression issues were never apparent during his initial fostering.

Upon return, Pete was placed in a foster home as the only dog. It was here that Pete started to learn how to be a dog again; however, it became obvious when Pete was taken for a behavior assessment with Tyler Muto that he was in need of additional training and support to overcome his fears. Pete was placed in a four-week board-and-training at K9 Connections, where he made remarkable improvement, interacting with other dogs, walking appropriately on a leash around rabbits and squirrels and being one of the most obedient dogs up for adoption through Buffalo CARES.

Pete was adopted and continues to attend training and socialization at K9 Connections to keep his skills up to par in terms of obedience and socializing with other dogs. Pete is a true success story of the village it takes to raise a dog.

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