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Orange Street Cats, Inc.: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Sweet Matilda faced many challenges when she came to us. She had a huge, gaping wound from an attack and pyometra [an infection of the uterus], requiring emergency surgery. The generous Petfinder Foundation grant of $1,000 assisted in paying for her emergency spay and wound-repair surgeries, her two-week hospitalization, laser treatments, and wound care, totaling $2,714.

This grant literally allowed OSC to save Matilda's life. Without this generous grant, some of her treatment may have had to have been delayed -- a luxury our girl didn't have.

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Because Matilda was attacked by an unknown animal on or about Feb. 18, 2019 (she was apparently bitten by something on the shoulder blades, but managed to get away), New York State law requires that she complete a six-month rabies hold before being placed for adoption. Her surgeries were completely successful and, as you can see from her photos, she is beautiful! But her beauty pales in comparison to her sweet, playful, silly personality! We are counting down the days to Aug. 18, when we will be able to post her on Petfinder so she can find her forever family! She will make someone a wonderful, lifelong companion. We hope that we will be allowed to provide another grant report once she is adopted, because we know that her story will end well!

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