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Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Rehab packet post surgery for fractured hip

Elsie had a severe femur fracture after she was hit by car. The cost for surgery was almost $5,000 and we raised half. Elsie has experienced a long recovery trying to regain use of her leg. It has required three five-visit rehab packages. She is beginning her third round finally able to use the leg more, with increased muscle mass and overall use and stability of the leg. This grant helped cover one whole package of five visits and part of a second package of five visits.

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Elsie presented to our local shelter (second photo) with a severe right femur fracture after being hit by a car. The fracture required an orthopedic specialist to save the leg. With Elsie being young (she was just 2 years old), we opted for the surgery instead of amputation.

The surgery was a success; she also required a femoral head osteotomy at the same time. Her recovery and regaining the use of her leg was slow and painful for her, so we had her in rehab, which was an immense help.

Elsie is now in a foster-to-adopt home and beginning her third and final round of rehab. Once that is completed, the vets feel she can be medically cleared for her spay. After her spay, the adoption will be completed.

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