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Doberman Rescue of Nevada: SNAP-X Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Spay and neuter

Offset costs for spay and neuter

How many pets did this grant help?

So far two

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

The young female Doberman stray picked up by animal control and taken to a southern California shelter wouldn’t get up in her crate. She was sweet and friendly and apparently had just weaned a litter of pups. But if the shelter couldn’t get her to stand, let alone walk, they would put her down. Nothing showed up on the X-rays, so vets didn’t know what to treat. Could it be Wobblers? Could be a cruciate injury? A shelter volunteer got the word out to local rescues who then spread the word throughout the western Doberman network.

With the wheels in motion to try to find a rescue group to pull her, the shelter gave her time and Tuesday was now Thursday. By Friday, this black and tan beauty was a little stronger. And by Saturday, she was standing when DRNV’s volunteer came to see her and make arrangements to pull her on Tuesday to bring her to Las Vegas.

The shelter vet joked that maybe she heard all the commotion about being euthanized and she realized she needed to stand up for herself – literally. Or perhaps, she simply had a badly bruised leg – maybe had been hit by a vehicle – and needed a few days for the soreness to subside. But when she arrived in Las Vegas to be spayed, she was up and around walking on all fours and you would never had known this was the same Dobergirl who one week earlier was nearly put down just because she couldn’t get up.

She is now spayed and ready to find her forever home. We posted her photo on our Facebook page while she was in transport and we already had an applicant by the time she arrived in her new city – before we even posted her on our own website or Petfinder! Plus a possible adopter from our list of already approved applicants. So life is finally looking up for Dottie and she should be in her forever home soon. A meet and greet is set for this weekend. All paws are crossed!

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