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L.E.A.N./All Vegas Horses: Tractor Supply Company Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Purchasing direct services and supplies for our horses, as well as educational materials and organizational expenses. Staple items are always the first to be skipped, but are so important for sharing our mission and maintaining a streamlined operation. We were unable to reprint our distribution materials until we received funds from Petfinder Foundation. With this grant, we immediately secured new booth materials ($165), handouts ($60), ink/stamps/office supplies ($100), and new software ($150). We were also able to secure a large supply of psyllium at wholesale cost, which is a supplement used to help avoid sand issues in horses who live in the desert. We also purchased a joint supplement that our arthritic horses do well on, but was cost prohibitive to purchase in bulk. Petfinder Foundation allowed us to secure enough to treat our two most critical horses for several months.

Being able to effectively communicate with our supporters encourages their continued support. Petfinder's grant allowed us to re-invest in organization staples we needed to share our mission and grow our rescue. Our horses benefit from the professionalism our rescue projects with these new materials and the sharing of information to others. Additionally, all ten of our current horses in rescue and two arthritic horses were able to receive extra supplements to help ease pain and encourage healthy digestion.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Lucky was found wandering in East Las Vegas, severely malnourished and alone. Obviously abandoned by his previous owners, he was simply skin and bones. After several months in L.E.A.N.’s foster care, Lucky had regained much of his lost weight and was making a great comeback. However, the added weight and vigor revealed that he was also arthritic. When the veterinarian came to perform a dental, she donated a pail of joint supplement that worked very well. Unfortunately it was cost prohibitive to continue this supplement for Lucky every month, until the Petfinder Foundation grant was received. We have now been able to buy Easy Willow for Lucky and his progress is nothing short of spectacular. He is available for adoption and a new life with his return to health and comfort.

Branch was a stallion over 20 years old when he was dumped at Animal Control. This elderly gent was gelded and has been in foster care with L.E.A.N. for nearly 9 months. He has a blown knee that cannot be repaired and it pains him to do more than walk or lightly trot. He also needed the relief that joint supplements can bring, as well as the benefit of a good sand-prevention protocol and grain additives. Petfinder Foundation’s grant has allowed us to put Branch on a regimen of Easy Willow for his joints, as well as psyllium and extra grain. His comfort and continued good care will enable us to more easily find Branch a forever home.

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