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NMDOG, INC (formerly New Mexico Dogs Deserve Better): Shelter+ Challenge Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We are an in the trenches, chained dog rescue serving the Forgotten Dogs across the state of New Mexico. NMDOG is an all volunteer, foster based organization. All grants and donations go directly to meet the medical and daily needs of dogs currently in our care, as well as dogs in or Community Outreach program. NMDOG regularly does Outreach missions across the state. We deliver dog houses, food, toys, winter coats to chained and backyard dogs in need. We also replace heavy chains with trolley systems in the areas with no anti tethering legislation. NMDOG works in conjunction with many law enforcement agencies throughout the state and we are called in on cases of severe cruelty as well as some hoarding cases. The dogs we serve are the most neglected, abused and forgotten ones...the ones that need us the most.

Many dogs come into the NMDOG program broken, both physically and emotionally. Many of our dogs require extensive physical and behavior rehabilitation before they are ready for adoption. We provide comprehensive medical care to every dog that comes to us, routine vetting (including s/n, vaccs/HW test and microchip). We also provide our dogs with training and emotional enrichment...all of which costs money, lots of it! This is where every cent of every dollar of our Shelter Challenge grant money goes.

How many pets did this grant help?

$1000 provides basic vetting, initial intake, housing, food & training for 2 previously chained dogs.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Panda was a sweetie pie Cattle Dog mix that was been chained all of her young life on the Okhay Owingeh Pueblo. When Panda came to us, she was just a year old. She longed for a chance at at real LIFE where she will be able to fulfill her true potential and have the family she has always dreamed about! Panda entered the NMDOG program scared and unfamiliar with love. We helped Panda become the dog she always wanted to be and found her a wonderful family!!! Boone was been chained for the past 2 years out on the Mesa of Valencia County. Recently, his family began leaving for long periods of time and he was left to depend on his one and only friend….a neighbor that has been watching over him, worrying for his safety and health. After a long discussion with Boone’s guardians, his friend was able to convince them that Boone deserves better!! Day in and day out…for weeks that turned into months, he waited for his people to return. When they did, it was only for a short time and they never paid him any mind. Boone is now safe with us here at NMDOG. He has learned to walk well on a leash, basic obedience & is now a healthy weight of nearly 90 pounds! Boone is a great dog still looking for his forever family! There are many more out there that await our assistance and this is why we are so grateful for awards like the Shelter Challenge grant to keep us going! We do our very best to touch as many parts of NM as we can, as often as we can! The ones that suffer the most are often the ones that no one ever knows about…the forgotten DOGS 🙁 We never forget them!

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