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NMDOG: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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In April 2019, NMDOG received a call from the Gallup-McKinley Humane Society in Grants, NM. They had picked up a young husky who was running with a tether around his neck. He was emaciated and had a severe injury to his right front paw. From the wound, it looked as if he had been caught in a trap. NMDOG named this husky boy Sayre, arranged transport and had him rushed to our veterinarians at Petroglyph Animal Hospital. The money from this grant provided part of the funds necessary to cover the initial cost for Sayre's medical treatment, which was approximately $2,200 for full amputation of his right front leg.

This Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant was vital in allowing NMDOG to provide the necessary emergency care to save Sayre's life. His leg had to be amputated, but his spirit was not broken! Without the amputation surgery, it was likely that SAYRE would have had a decreased quality of life, with a deformed foot that would have greatly affected his mobility.

Grants such as this one from the Petfinder Foundation allow NMDOG to continue to take the most needy, chained dogs in New Mexico. This grant covered approximately 45% of Sayre's initial medical expenses!

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Sayre is a young husky mix who is great with other fun-loving and playful dogs, walks well on his leash and harness, rides great in the car, and makes friends wherever he goes!!

Sayre came to NMDOG in May of this year, after he was picked up by Gallup-McKinley County Humane Society Animal Control dragging his tether and suffering from a severe injury to his front right leg. The bones were crushed, tissue was missing, the muscles and tendons were mangled, and necrosis and infection had set in. He was completely non-weight-bearing on that leg and needed emergency medical care right away! NMDOG answered the call and secured a ride for Sayre to our vet clinic with a wonderful NMDOG volunteer.

Once Sayre arrived, he immediately stole the hearts of everyone who met him. Our medical team got him stabilized and administered IV pain meds. After x-rays were completed, it was determined that the damage was far too extensive for repair, and amputation surgery was elected. Sayre was also skinny, dirty and matted — but with all of the obstacles stacked against him, he still managed to maintain his infectious smile and fun-loving attitude toward life! After weeks of post-op recovery and rehabilitation, Sayre received a full medical clearance and is now ready to find the home he has always dreamed of: as a treasured member of his family, never to be tethered, chained or subjected to harm again.

Sayre is still available for adoption. A few weeks ago, he was on a trial adoption, but it was determined that Sayre and the resident dog were not a good fit. He wanted to play, play, play, and the resident dog would have none of that! Sayre is currently back in his foster home with his fun-loving husky foster brother! Sayre will do best in a home with another dog or two who love to romp and play! He is good with kids, but older children are preferred due to his energetic zest for life. Sayre loves to dig, so we suggest creating a digging spot or sandbox where he can dig to his little husky heart’s content. Sayre is also super, duper snuggly and has all the love in the world to give. He likes to be brushed, play in the kiddie pool, sleep with his teddy bear, have his ears rubbed and sing the song of his people! Oh, and please don’t tell Sayre he only has three legs — he honestly has no idea!

Sayre is on Petfinder!

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