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NJSH Pet Rescue: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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We used the money towards surgery for a pit puppy named Tesha, who was seized by animal control with both sides of her jaw broken. She had been denied veterinary care for more than a month after she was attacked by another dog.

Tesha had two surgeries, resulting in $11,000 in veterinary bills. We used the $1,000 grant to help us pay for her surgeries.

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On September 2, 2020, we received a call for assistance from one of our rescue partners in Granville, N.C. Animal Control had seized a 12-week-old puppy who had sustained significant injury from a dog fight on Aug. 9. The emaciated puppy was living under the owner’s front porch and had not received any care for her injuries.

The initial veterinary evaluation determined that the puppy had bilateral jaw fractures and an eye injury, possibly from a puncture wound. Euthanasia was recommended due to the complexity, cost and long-term prognosis. The puppy was sweet and friendly. We committed to help her.

The puppy, ultimately named Tesha, was placed in foster care in North Carolina. Her eye was treated with antibiotics and showed improvement. On Sept. 5, one of our volunteers drove to North Carolina to bring Tesha back to New Jersey. She was immediately taken to our veterinarian’s office for treatment and observation. It was determined that Tesha was not in pain and she was released to foster on Sept. 7, pending a sedated x-ray scheduled for Sept. 9.

While in foster, Tesha needed to be fed pureed food, she frequently bled from her mouth, and she still had green discharge coming from her eye. Her breathing capacity was also limited due to a large obstruction of broken bone and teeth that blocked her airway. Nonetheless, she was happy and playful and loved to be with other dogs.

In the interim, we interviewed several oral surgical specialists. Tesha was examined and a treatment plan was put into place for surgical correction. Tesha was schedule for a sedated CT scan on Sept. 22, 2020. It was expected that Tesha would require two, or maybe three, surgical interventions. At some time during her recovery she would also need to see an eye specialist for treatment; however, that injury was secondary to her mandible fractures.

Tesha’s former owner is being charged with animal cruelty.

Tesha remained in a medical foster home through her surgery and recuperation. She recently began her search for a new family. It looks like we found a match and they will be taking Tesha home to be a part of their family in the new year.

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