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JerseyGirls Animal Rescue: Disaster Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Spay/neuter, routine vet care, transport, and miscellaneous expenses

We received a $1,000 grant, which enabled us to rescue more dogs after the hurricane passed.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Celia was an owner surrender shortly before Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina in September 2018. We rescued her just before the storm and had her taken to the vet for routine care prior to transport (with little time to spare). Because she had some skin issues, the vet was unable to spay her prior to transport, but was able to vaccinate her and give her medication for the skin issues.

I, personally, picked her up from transport when she arrived in New Jersey and I cried when I saw her. This beautiful girl with such great potential looked horrendous — she had many areas of her body that were bald, she was filthy, and she looked like she’d never had a bath in her life, yet she was as sweet as could be and greeted us with kisses. She went to a foster home where she received tremendous amounts of love and TLC, medication, and rubs with coconut oil to heal her skin and fur. In less than three months, Celia has transformed into the stunning girl we expected her to be, and she is absolutely gorgeous!

We didn’t rush an adoption for her because we wanted to get her skin issues under control first. She has since been spayed, fully vaccinated, had most of her fur grow back, and she has gotten rid of the intestinal worms she arrived with. She is in fantastic condition and, just this past weekend (Dec. 9, 2018), met her forever family. She will go home to them just after the new year and she will live in a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, N.Y., with a huge park just around the corner and a back yard (in Brooklyn!) where she can run and play. She will also have two children to love, both of whom hope to have her sleep in their bed, so an abundance of love is in her near future, as well as a life filled with hikes in the country at the family’s country home on weekends.

NOTE: We have MANY other pictures of Celia from when she had many bald patches to her meeting with her forever family. Please let me know if I can email them to you to include with her story. The transformation of this dog has been incredible!

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