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Rebecca's Rescues: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Rebecca’s Rescues requested the Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant to assist in covering the costs associated with eye removal for rescue cat Randi.

These grant funds have not yet been expended due to exceptional circumstances experienced by the cat, Randi, for whom the funds have been set aside for her eye surgery.

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Randi came into the rescue from a hoarding situation. To date, the funds received for the eye removal have not been expended. We expected to have the diseased eye removed in January 2016 while she underwent her spay procedure, but extenuating circumstances prevented the vet from removing her eye at that time. During the surgery, the vet discovered that Randi’s reproductive organs were deformed and not situated in the area where they would normally be located. Because of the extended time required to complete the spaying, the vet did not feel it to be in Randi’s best interest to extend her time under anesthesia in order to also remove her eye. The vet expects that the deformation of Randi’s reproductive tract was the result of inbreeding that occurred in the hoarding situation.

Subsequent to the spay surgery, Randi developed an infection, which further delayed the removal of her eye. Currently, Rebecca’s Rescues is waiting for the vet to clear Randi so she may have her eye surgery and finally begin her journey to healing and finding her forever home. Though the funds have not yet been spent for the purpose for which they were requested, once cleared for her eye surgery, Randi will no longer be susceptible to the infections that have been plaguing her diseased eye. This will assist her in having the improved quality of life that she’s been missing since birth.

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