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Lambertville Animal Welfare: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

To provide extensive dental surgery for extractions plus removal of a growth on the head of Mattie, a 6+-year-old long-haired calico cat who needed the surgery prior to being adopted.

As indicated above, the Emergency Medical Grant from the Petfinder Foundation supported the surgical costs for a cat whose current foster mom had fallen in love with her and was ready to adopt her once the surgery was completed -- thus helping to improve the quality of life for both Mattie and her new adoptive parent. Lambertville Animal Welfare works with Animal Control in 15 townships in Hunterdon County, NJ -- one of the only counties in NJ without a public shelter. There is simply nowhere to put animals, so we must foster and get the cats that LAW rescues/saves adopted very quickly. We could not do this without Petfinder!! The majority of LAW's adoptions come through Petfinder, and we are forever grateful for the great work that Petfinder does.

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In 2014 a beautiful calico stray named Mattie was relinquished to Animal Control and turned over to Lambertville Animal Welfare (LAW). Since then, Mattie has been living in some wonderful foster homes, but she needed extensive medical care to become adoptable. Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation’s Emergency Medical Grant, LAW was able to provide Mattie with life-saving veterinary care at one of LAW’s collaborative community partners, Lambertville Animal Hospital, including extensive bladder surgery to remove painful bladder stones and, more recently, two dental procedures and removal of a growth from her head. Providing such dedicated care is key to helping pets become adoptable and a primary concern for LAW. The Petfinder Foundation grant enabled Mattie to receive the treatment she needed and we are so very happy to report that she has now been adopted into an awesome forever home! Mattie’s adoptive mom is an artist who had recently lost a beloved cat and did not think that she could find another cat with as large and colorful a personality as the one she’d lost. But Mattie has filled that role very nicely and is getting a ton of love — and of course, now that she has a healthy mouth, she can eat again without feeling any pain.

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