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A Pathway to Hope: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

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Zoey's Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant provided the funds to allow her foster family to adopt her! Using this funding, we were able to provide supported follow-up medical care for Zoey.

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Zoey was our first mama cat, rescued in 2010 with her two kittens just as Pathway was established. We were committed to her then, and we are committed now.

Zoey was abandoned outside a pet store on a busy road. She lived with her “kittens” Abby and Elmo their whole lives, but sadly, after being diagnosed with diabetes and a long struggle to balance her treatment, Zoey lost her home of 11 years and was surrendered back to us.

Thankfully, she found a loving new foster home, but due to her delicate condition, Zoey developed an abscess hidden under her skin and fur, which exploded with a horrible wound, necessitating immediate medical care. Zoey was hospitalized, her wound so severe that dead skin needed to be debrided, the wound had packed and bandaged with an intricate loop bandage, and doctors found underlying pancreatitis in addition to her wound and diabetes.

Despite all her ailments, Zoey has been an incredible fighter, showing an intense will to live. Her hospital bills have been extensive over the last year, but she continues fighting to live, so we feel moved to fight alongside her.

Her foster family has been dedicated to her continued care, constant vet visits, and daily TLC, and we are so thrilled that they have chosen to adopt her with the additional medical support provided!

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