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Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, Inc.: Grant Report

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Bud and Chico's medical costs -- Galliprant (arthritis medication), kidney-diet food, benazepril, fish oil/Cosequin supplements, and thyroid medications -- to help them find their forever home.

Bud and Chico's medical costs being sponsored, in addition to "start-up" medication costs for a new home, assisted them in being adopted into an amazing home!

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Bud and Chico needed a hospice home together after they were surrendered because their owners were moving. They were super sweet, with lots of lumps and bumps (more to love!), but at their age and condition, the vet didn’t think it was a good idea to put them through surgery. They both had really bad arthritis and we started them on pain medication. There were also signs of early kidney disease that we treated with medication and diet.

They laid quietly in their beds in the front office of RBARI, waiting. They wouldn’t typically get up or make a sound. They laid waiting, confused as to why they were living in a shelter after 13 years together in a home. They listened for the sound of a familiar voice, a sign of home, among the sounds of dogs barking and the hustle and bustle of the shelter. Bud and Chico waited for someone who would never come.

Bud and Chico were struggling. They were having a hard time getting around in the shelter. They were super sweet and low-energy. Bud desperately pawed for more love and nuzzled into anyone who took the time to sit with him. Chico quietly rested, just as desperate for attention, but too shy and nervous to ask for it. Bud and Chico didn’t deserve to live their days out in a shelter. We were desperately trying to find them a home as soon as possible and sponsored their medical care. They were quiet, sweet, mild-mannered pups who were so deserving of a compassionate family.

Bud and Chico’s new mom says it best! “Just wanted to give you an update on the little geezers. Other than diarrhea (started Centrine in addition to the metronidazole), they are doing as well as can be expected. I brought them in to work with me today for physicals, updated bloodwork and lasering. I’ve also started them on Adequan injections to see if we can make them a bit more comfortable. I’m not sure how long they will be around, but for now, they’re very happy and bright-eyed. Our set-up is probably the best for Bud as he only has two steps to go down to go outside. All four dogs are getting along just fine — Reagan (our shepherd) was even playing tug-of-war with Chico a little. Hoping to make them as happy as possible.”

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