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Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Kia Pet Adoption Grant helped to subsidize our $100 senior adoption fees for 15 senior dogs and cats.

In recent years, RBARI has become well-known for our work with senior dogs and cats – to the extent that over ONE THIRD of our dog intakes and adoptions are seniors, with many of our cat rescues and adoptions also being seniors!

A larger number of senior dogs and cats are finding themselves homeless in their time of greatest need due in large part to the loss of their caretakers or financial distress within their families. Homeless senior dogs and cats desperately need safe shelter, food, and medical care for their aging bodies.

RBARI has taken on more seniors than ever, and we are committed to being there. We reduced our senior adoption fees to $100, which aids our adopters in putting aside funds for the additional medical care that senior dogs and cats will ultimately need.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Khloe, an 11-year-old pug, was surrendered in a neglected state so severe we didn’t know if she would live.

Khloe (first photo) is blind and deaf and was suffering from horrible ear infections and nerve damage in her hind legs. She was emaciated upon rescue because she was unable to fight for food among the dogs in the home, and no one watched to see if she ate. Her eye was so severely infected from an untreated injury that it had to be removed.

At RBARI, Khloe was reunited with her companion, Jax (second photo), whose story is just as sad. Jax is 4 years old and was hit by a car years ago but never provided medical care. He has an abnormality in his spine and no proprioception in one leg.

Both Khloe and Jax walk abnormally due to neglect, but both are fully mobile. Jax is fecal-incontinent (he can control his urine) due to the accident and untreated injuries. Despite lifetimes of neglect, Jax and Khloe still approach life joyfully, with love and trust for their humans.

These days are a bit brighter for Khloe and Jax, who just love one another. This adorable pair was adopted together through our senior adoptions grant to help subsidize Khloe’s adoption fee, and they are living their best lives!

This is the promise that the Kia Pet Adoption Grant gave to 15 senior dogs and cats in desperate need of homes at RBARI. Thank you for your unending support and your promise of a wonderful life to so many animals in need like Khloe and Jax.

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