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York Adopt-A-Pet: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

York Adopt-A-Pet has several cats and dogs who are senior or special-needs pets, which are harder to adopt. This grant has made it possible for several of them to be adopted, and those remaining to be adopted in the near future, with no adoption fee for approved adopters. These pets can be overlooked, and when the perfect home is found for them, being able to offer them at no adoption fee makes it possible for them to go to their forever homes.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Peanut is a 13-year-old neutered male Chihuahua. Poor Peanut had a rough life. He lived in a garage his whole life and was rescued by a kind person who asked our dog manager to take him and find him a better home. With no hesitation, she took him into our care.

He is old and very thin and she really wanted him to get a nice, indoor home so he could see what a real, spoiled dog life is like.

He was not neutered when he came to us and we have had him neutered, which concerned us because of his age, but he made it through the surgery so he really deserved a wonderful home in which to live whatever years he might have left.

He runs out of his kennel like he is a young dog when you open his door. He is still pretty spry at times. He is just the sweetest dog and loves to be held and sit on a lap.

He soon became the volunteers’ favorite dog; he spent a lot of time being pampered and was always in someone’s arms. Peanut was featured on our Facebook page; he blew our page up and received many comments and applications.

The first application was from a former adopter who had adopted a senior Chihuahua from us several years ago. Kim, our dog manager, knew this would be the perfect home for our little Peanut and arrangements were made for Jackie to come to the shelter to meet him.

She loved Peanut and Peanut loved her, so off they went to spend the rest of his life together. Jackie now lives many miles from York, so when she learned Peanut had no adoption fee, she was delighted, even though she would have happily paid any fee.

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