The Haley Graves Foundation: Emergency Medical Grant

What was the money or product used for?

Winni was brought to a local shelter suffering from a gunshot wound she suffered when she wandered on to someone’s property. Winni has had three surgeries.

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

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How many pets did this grant help?


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We received a call from a rural shelter that a Lab mix had been shot at close range and needed immediate veterinary care and rescue. Winni was 7 months old at the time and we immediately brought her in to our rescue. She had been shot in the shoulder, the bullet barely missing her scapula. She had, as we later found out, been lured onto the property by being fed. The local animal control officer refused to prosecute because in North Carolina you can shoot a dog for being on your property. However, it is a crime to lure a dog with the intent of wounding it, but even with a witness, they still refused to prosecute.

Upon closer examination of Winni, we discovered that she had been shot in the other leg approximately six weeks earlier and survived despite a lack of treatment.

We immediately began care for Winni and reached out to the Petfinder Foundation for an Emergency Medical Grant. We were ecstatic when we received word that it had been granted.

Winni went through three surgeries and still lives with shrapnel in her body. Removing it would have caused more damage. Winni had a loving and dedicated vet staff that took care of her for the six weeks she was hospitalized. Her loving vet tech, Crystal, bonded with Winni and adopted her. Winni went from a living nightmare to being a loved and adored puppy with the help of the Petfinder Foundation grant.

There are no words to thank you for your generosity!