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M&M's Fur-Ever Furbabies: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The funding which we received from the Adoption Options grant went towards the purchase of a universal microchip scanner.

It is because of the Adoption Options workshop and grant opportunity that MMFFR was able to achieve and accomplish our short-term goal of increasing adoptions. The funding provided us with the tool necessary to accurately and quickly reunite lost pets with families so that our focus could remain on those animals still in need of forever homes. We continue to improve our program and find ways in which we can increase our adoptions. The pets in our care were positively impacted by the shift in our focus, which provided each pet with a new loving adoptive home -- even some who have resided with us for years.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

This opportunity has given us the chance to help both our rescued pets and lost pets of the community by reuniting them with their families much faster than before. The grant funding allowed us to reunite Ruby, an adult female bully breed who had been lost from her forever family for two years. MMFFR was contacted when neighbors were concerned about a possible stray pit bull in their area after numerous rescue attempts had failed. We managed to rescue this sweet, scared and hungry girl. We suspected she would not have a chip due to her condition; however, were never more delighted to be proven wrong.

Ruby began her journey home because the owners’ contact information was still the same despite their having lost their fur baby two years prior. We gladly reunited the loving family with Ruby that night, which would have been impossible months earlier, as we did not have the funding to purchase a universal scanner.

Before we had the scanner, when we’d rescue pets on the weekends or evenings, we would keep them with us overnight until the vet was open for them to be examined and scanned — obviously delaying the chance of reunion. Ruby’s family is as thankful and grateful as we all are at MMFFR that we are now able to quickly reunite lost pets with their loved ones.

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