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Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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The grant money was used for veterinary treatment of Wobbles, a 10-lb. poodle mix. Wobbles entered our facility with a severe injury to his left rear leg. The leg was dangling and required immediate treatment. Evaluation at our veterinary office (Tysor Veterinary Clinic) revealed that the little guy had been the victim of a gunshot wound. The bones were shattered, with bullets embedded in his pelvic bone. On Nov. 9, 2017, Wobbles underwent amputation surgery of the rear left leg with partial hip removal.

The grant helped our nonprofit rescue/shelter provide the proper veterinary care and treatment that Wobbles required. He is recovering well and is currently in foster care with his potential adoptive family. Wobbles and Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc., are very thankful for this grant so that we were able to help this sweet boy overcome the horrific abuse that he suffered and move forward with his love of life.

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Wobbles was found wandering in and out of traffic on a busy North Carolina highway. A concerned citizen scooped him up out of danger, only to realize that he was suffering from a severe rear-leg injury. He was brought to the Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc., shelter facility, where immediate triage care was started. Wobbles was transported to Tysor Veterinary Clinic, where x-rays revealed a tragic injury: Wobbles had been the victim of a horrific gunshot wound to his left rear leg.

X-rays showed where the large bullet had torn through his leg, shattering bones and finally lodging deep in his pelvic bones. The tissue damage was healing, although the leg had atrophied and the bone damage was so severe that amputation was the only real option at this point for little Wobbles. The pain and suffering that this tiny 10-lb. poodle mix must have gone through with this injury is unimaginable!

Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc., was committed to providing this sweet boy with the best medical care possible. This type of injury was well above our already stretched veterinary budget for 2017. With the help of the Petfinder Foundation and private sponsors and donors, Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc., was able to provide this little fellow the lifesaving treatment that he required.

Wobbles underwent amputation surgery on Nov. 9, 2017, to remove his mangled rear leg, along with a portion of his hip. This little fellow came through the surgery better than expected and thrived under the care of Dr. Joanna Tysor, DVM, and the staff at Tysor Veterinary Clinic. He is making a remarkable recovery and enjoying life in his foster-to-adopt home, where he will never again have to worry about being subjected to the horrific abuse from his past. The future is bright for little Wobbles thanks to the Petfinder Foundation, and all the supporters of Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc.

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