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Phoenix Landing Foundation: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Phoenix Landing used the money in this grant to cover an exam that included a CT scan for an African Grey named Zoe in our adoption program. The exam with CT scan came to over $1,000 ($944 for the associated costs of the CT scan, with the nonprofit discount given by the clinic, and another $60 for the medical exam, for a total of $1004 just for the CT scan).

The CT scan enabled Dr. Aubrey Traina at Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services to determine that heart disease was the underlying cause of Zoe mutilating her skin. With diagnostics, follow-up exams, a collar, and medication, Zoe’s veterinary bills extended beyond $2,000. The grant from Petfinder Foundation truly enabled Phoenix Landing to get Zoe all the care she required in order to be a healthier bird.

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When Zoe, an African Grey parrot, entered Phoenix Landing’s adoption program, it was quickly determined that she not only had feather-destructive behavior, but she also mutilated (chewed at her skin). After a few veterinary exams, Dr. Aubrey Traina recommended a CT scan to determine whether an underlying health condition was causing Zoe to chew wounds into her skin.

The CT scan showed signs of heart disease. Poor circulation due to heart disease is sometimes the underlying cause for birds with feather-damaging behavior that extends to skin mutilation, so this was believed to be the source. With this diagnosis, Zoe was prescribed heart medication and fitted with collars. Her foster home ensured she wore her collars to help her skin heal. They also gave her daily oral medication.

After Zoe was on medication for a bit, it began to help. Zoe no longer needs to wear the collars, and with the help of the heart medication, is no longer mutilating her skin. Her skin and feathers are looking better, and Zoe is now doing well.

After providing her with care, giving her medication daily, and seeing Zoe improve each day, her foster family grew to love her and has since adopted her. Phoenix Landing is very happy to see Zoe adopted into this loving home. The Petfinder Foundation’s Emergency Medical Grant helped Zoe get the diagnosed correctly so that she could get the medication she needed to lead a healthier, happier life. A video of her story is here.

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