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Peak Lab Rescue: Disaster Grant Report

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Care of dogs rescued as the result of Hurricane Florence.

Peak Lab Rescue pulled 48 dogs in advance of Hurricane Florence as shelters were cleared in the projected impact area. An additional 71 dogs were pulled after the hurricane from partner shelters in eight affected counties. This brought the total number of dogs saved from the disaster by Peak Lab Rescue to 119.

Of the 119 dogs saved, 101 have been adopted. Fifteen were transferred to other rescue groups. Two were reclaimed by their owners. One was humanely euthanized as the result of a ruptured cranial malignancy and multiple other health issues.

The total cost of care for dogs rescued from Hurricane Florence by Peak Lab Rescue was $37,875, with a net cost to the rescue (after the collection of adoption fees) of $10,100. Special thanks to the Petfinder Foundation for a Disaster Relief Grant in the amount of $2,500 to help offset this unplanned expense.

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Six-week-old Phelps was plucked by a good Samaritan from the rushing floodwaters in Duplin County, North Carolina, after Hurricane Florence. Shivering and dehydrated, he arrived at the county’s pet-friendly evacuation center just as a Peak Lab Rescue volunteer was delivering a truckload of donations. Without immediate veterinary care, it was obvious that Phelps would not survive the night.

Baby Phelps clearly isn’t a Labrador retriever. But without hesitation, he was accepted by Peak Lab Rescue and provided with warm IV fluids and a full veterinary exam. Once stabilized, Phelps moved to the home of a foster family, who report that he was “shaking like a leaf and didn’t want to be out of someone’s arms.” The frightened little guy quickly became comfortable and made himself right at home.

Exactly two weeks later, Phelps was adopted by a loving family who have another small dog to keep him company. He is an “honorary” Lab and will live happily ever after thanks to a Disaster Relief Grant from the Petfinder Foundation.

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