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Mercy Fund Animal Rescue (MFAR): Disaster Grant Report

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Thank you again for providing Mercy Fund Animal Rescue (MFAR) with a Disaster Fund grant of $2,000. Funds from the Petfinder Foundation paid for spay/neuter expenses ($1,625), food ($280.70), cleaning supplies ($27.89), training pads ($28.47), one dog crate ($29.99) and two small dog beds ($11.50) to care for 25 dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill in January of 2015. Today, 20 of these dogs are already in their new forever homes.

Before the dogs were rescued, they were crowded into a small mobile home with urine and feces everywhere. They were all in poor health. Several suffered from coccidia. All the dogs had urine burns on their skin and severe cases of intestinal parasites. The dogs received veterinary care including worming and vaccinations. One dog required two surgeries to repair a severely herniated colon and bladder. Two dogs required dental procedures including tooth extractions. One dog had chronic eye issues and several suffered from ear infections. Dogs that were old enough were spayed or neutered once they were healthy enough for the procedure. Adopters who chose young puppies (that were too young to be spayed or neutered) received a certificate for a free spay/neuter procedure at a local Marion, NC, veterinary office. The MFAR adoption agreement requires adopters to have their dog spayed or neutered when it is age appropriate.

One dog who suffered from severe gastric-hernia issues died from complications after two surgeries. There are only four dogs who are still waiting for their forever homes. Two are ready for immediate adoption. One of these dogs has hydrocephalus (an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain) and will require a special home. The remaining two dogs are not ready for adoption due to health and behavioral issues. One is a very fearful male adult German shepherd who is underweight and suffers from severe anxiety and a lack of socialization. The second is a geriatric female dachshund who suffers from chronic eye problems and severe anxiety issues. These dogs will not be available for adoption until their health improves and their behavioral issues are addressed by their foster families.

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Most of the rescued puppy-mill dogs found their new homes through Petfinder. For example, one of the dogs that was saved was Duchess, a 4-year-old female dachshund with six puppies who were approximately 4-5 weeks old when they were rescued. Duchess and her babies lived in a small mobile home with 32 other dogs. She and her pups never got to go outside. Her feet and skin were burned by urine because there were feces and urine everywhere. Her puppies also had urine burns, coccidia and intestinal parasites. Duchess had already had numerous litters and faced a life of continuously having babies.

On Jan. 14, 2015, the McDowell County Sheriff arrived with Mercy Fund Animal Rescue. All the dogs were rescued and placed into loving foster homes. Duchess and her babies went to a foster home where they were loved and given proper care. Duchess was very frightened, but she trusted her new foster mom and stayed close by her side. Duchess and her puppies went to the vet, where they were wormed, treated for coccidia and received vaccinations. Duchess was spayed after her puppies were weaned. After receiving vet care, she and her puppies started to feel better and gain weight. Slowly, Duchess gained confidence and started to approach other people for attention.

After two months, she was feeling better, her skin had healed and she was less frightened. Her puppies were healthy, happy and playful. Mercy Fund Animal Rescue put their profiles into to help find their forever homes. Duchess was adopted by a couple who had lost a 14.5-yead-old dachshund; they renamed her Georgia. Shortly after her adoption, her new owners sent a note to Mercy Fund Animal Rescue that said, “After I first visited her I knew she had to be part of my life. She is the best dog ever and so sweet! I am very blessed to have her in my life!”

One of Duchess’s puppies (Julie) was also successfully adopted after being posted on the Petfinder website. Another of Duchess’s puppies also found her forever home thanks to Petfinder. Her new family named her Hana. Shortly after they brought her home, Mercy Fund Animal Rescue received a note from this new adoptive family that said: “Hana is doing great! She definitely is a daddy’s girl, but has her momma’s heart. Hana’s favorite thing to do, aside from sleeping, is to steal toys from her big brother and paw at him. Kuma (her big brother) keeps a watchful eye on her at all times and has been showing her the ropes. Hana has been doing great with eating and potty training.Thank you again for allowing us to be this amazing girl’s parents. We are so in love!”

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