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Transylvania Animal Alliance Group (TAAG): Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This money helped to fully fund Lyric's vetting up to and including her double enucleation surgery. This included pain management, clearing her of infection, examinations and her surgery to have both of her eyes removed.

This grant helped to ease the financial burden of a costly surgery, without which a very special kitten would have had lifelong pain and continuous infection. This grant helped us to get her to the point where she was a happy and healthy kitten, with no further barriers between her and a forever home, which we are happy to report she has found!

How many pets did this grant help?

This grant helped Lyric.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Lyric came to us with her sisters from a local shelter, which called us because of Lyric’s terrible eyes. When we received these 8-day-old kittens, one of Lyric’s eyes was already ruptured. Her other eye had a terrible infection, which resulted in massive swelling, causing her unbelievable pain. We immediately took her to the vet and got her on medicine to bring down the swelling and stop the infection, as well as pain medication to help her be more comfortable.

In her young life, Lyric had to endure round after round of eye drops and antibiotics — all while being bottle-fed! While we always knew the ruptured eye would have to come out, her vet team determined that, unfortunately, it would be best for her comfort and health to take the other eye too.

This seemed not to matter to Lyric. Once she was feeling better, she was an entirely different kitten. She was boisterous and playful, and began to show her foster her wonderfully sweet personality. We figured that she was too little to even remember having eyesight, if she’d ever had it. She adapted beautifully to not having the use of her eyes, and for all appearances, was a normal, regular kitten.

Lyric came through her surgery beautifully and went to her foster home to recuperate. We gave her the time she needed to heal. Once she was given a clean bill of health, she became available for adoption.

A wonderful couple had learned of Lyric through social media, followed her through surgery and recovery, and applied to take her home! Lyric was able to go home on a trial basis just before Thanksgiving to see how she got along with the other resident kitties, and we’re happy to report that things are going well! She loves her kitty siblings and her favorite thing, according to her new mom, is to snuggle. All the time.

Lyric’s family will be officially signing the adoption paperwork this weekend. We are so incredibly happy that this brave little fighter is getting the happiest of endings in her forever home.

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