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Franklin County Humane Society DBA Paws for Life NC: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The grant of $1,500 was used to reduce the adoption fees of cats aged 1 year and older from $95 to $40. It was also used to reduce the adoption fees of dogs who have been up for adoption for a long time (six months to more than a year) from $225 to $100.

The grant was essential in marketing cats and dogs who had been with us a while. It provided a new way to highlight the pets on social media, as well as in their biographies on our website and on Petfinder. Although the reduction in fees was not the only reason people adopted, it was an added incentive to meet pets who had been overlooked. Several of the pets adopted through this grant had been with Paws for Life NC for over a year. The adoptions freed up space in foster homes, allowing us to help more pets. The grant was also a morale boost to our volunteers and generated excitement by helping more animals find homes. We are incredibly thankful for Purina and the Petfinder Foundation's generous grant, which helped 19 pets find forever homes and helped 15 shelter animals move from an overcrowded county shelter into foster care.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Gunther is a sweet, petite, friendly dog with silly ears. In February 2018, he was pulled by Paws for Life NC from the Franklin County shelter. The Franklin County shelter is an open-intake shelter and Gunther’s time was nearly up. Luckily, we had someone to foster Gunther and he moved into a foster home. Sadly, he was found to be heartworm-positive. After spending some time getting healthy and putting on a little weight in foster care, he was neutered and treated for heartworm. In March 2018, he went up for adoption, and for over a year, Gunther was overlooked.

His foster mom took great pictures, wrote an excellent bio, and took him to community events and adoption events. She shared his photo and story on Facebook, but no one was interested. Gunther also has a wonderful personality — the spunky little guy, at just 50 lbs., likes to play but seems to have a good read on the dogs around him. If he’s with a playful pup, he will tumble and play; if he’s with an older, reserved dog, he will relax with them. He is eager to please, and loves affection and learning what it is to be a warm and cozy indoor doggie. We just had no idea why he was not finding a home.

Shortly after we reduced Gunther’s fee thanks to the grant, he received an application. The home trial was successful, and after 14 months and five days in foster care, he has found his forever! His dad says, “We can’t imagine life without him. He has done so well at our house! He has two kitty brothers, Russel (he’s 22) and Sam, and they all tolerate each other.” It was a tearful day for his foster mom, but she was so happy to see him happy.

Gunther’s foster mom says, “Thank you, Petfinder Foundation, for this wonderful grant! My foster pup Gunther (Gunny) is on home trial and the discounted adoption fee was one of the reasons they chose him — not because they can’t afford the fee, but they want to spoil him with extra toys and treats and a fancy new bed. The other reason was the video of Gunny and my cat playing sweetly together. The adopters have a 20-year-old kitty and they needed a dog who was very cat-friendly!”

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