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The Cats' Cradle: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money was used for x-rays ($250), a FIP test ($120)and a taxoplasmosis test ($300) as well as ongoing medication for taxoplasmosis including two different types of antibiotics, eye drops and eye cream and steroids. As well as weekly follow up appointment.

This grant was extremely helpful in being able to provide this cat with the necessary medical care it needed. This is one of our rescues in one of our foster homes. Due to this grant we were able to get the necessary treatment without draining funds from our spay/neuter, vaccination, and other medical care that we provide to each of our rescues. We are low in funds as we are small and rely soley on public donations. We recently paid the vet bills for 17 cats that were shot as target practice in our area and it left us with almost nothing. The grant that was provided was the only way this kitty would have received any treatment at all.

How many pets did this grant help?

Specifically Nelson but in turn it helped us be able to continue to get the necessary care for our rescues currently in foster care and ones to come

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Nelson was born in late April 2016. It was soon after his birth that his foster parents saw an indention in his chest cavity. X-rays were performed and it was determined to be a congenital midline shift. His sternum is pushed in towards his heart but at this time it looks as if he will not have any ill effects from it. He is a lucky little kitten.rnThen at 5 months old Nelson’s eyes began looking cloudy. He was taken to the Veterinarian who was concerned that it may be a result of FIP. He was tested for it and he does not have it. The second possibility was that he possibly had toxoplasmosis. He was tested and was found to be negative for that. He has undergone rounds of steroids, antibiotics, eye drops and creams for the past month and a half with little improvement. One of his eyes darts back and forth occasionally. The next step for Nelson is to be taken to an Optometrist in order to determine if he can keep his eye sight or if he may go blind. However we can not afford to do so as we have already spent close to 1,000 dollars on his treatment.rnNelson is a mixed Siamese. He has the greatest personality and spirit. He takes his medicine with little or no fuss. He is so good natured and laid back. rn

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