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The Cats' Cradle Organization: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Duchess had a severe infection in her right front leg. She received high doses of antibiotics and steroids but the infection did not improve. She had her leg amputated ($600). During her recovery, the infection came back, but in her shoulder. She is still on a smaller dose of amoxicillin. The medicines and x-rays before and after surgery come to at least $500 so far.

This of course helped Duchess. She is getting around well on three legs but she is a bit apprehensive around people other than her foster mom and family. Getting this grant to help with Duchess's surgery and medical cost involved allowed us to be able to have the funds needed to help 17 cats who were shot and used for target practice in our area. Duchess would not have received timely care without the grant.

How many pets did this grant help?

It directly helped Duchess.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Duchess, a 9-month-old black-and-white kitten, came into The Cat’s Cradle after she was found on the streets. She began limping in August and her leg was x-rayed. They thought it could be a small fracture and they wrapped it. However, it began swelling immediately and I had to remove the wrap. The swelling continued and she became lethargic. I took her back and they were shocked at the edema. She also had a high fever and a very elevated white blood cell count. They kept her and started an IV and heavy-duty antbiotics. After they shaved the leg, they saw two bite marks and we all realized she had been bitten by another cat. I believe this happened in the adoption center because she had been home for about a week when she began limping. I think she was bitten by a strange cat who didn’t know her when a cleaner let them out while cleaning. There have been no other bites before or since here.

They x-rayed the leg a second time 10 days after the first one and it showed that the infection had settled in the bone and damaged the joint so badly that amputation was the only option. They had to wait until her white count went down some before they could do the surgery. She did great after surgery but was at the vet’s office for a total of four weeks and came home on antibiotics. She has healed well and gets around fine on three legs. Her bill was around $1,000, even with discounts given to us.

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