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Wagon Tails Farm Rescue: Bar Dog Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Flea/tick and heartworm preventatives for foster animals

This allows us to keep our fosters safe and happy while they are in our care! Nobody likes being covered I'm fleas or having heartworms, so we start them on preventatives as soon as they come to us! Having a grant to help cover even just a portion of this allows us to use that money on more important things, such as special veterinary care for fosters like October, a 7-week-old kitten who came in with two pelvic fractures and a diaphragmatic hernia. While in the end, she only survived a few weeks because the surgery was too much for her, we were able to give her every chance we could at surviving those wounds!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Flea/tick and heartworm prevention is such a vital, yet commonly overlooked, part of rescue. This grant has helped so many pets, but the one who stands out the most is Tito. Tito originally came to rescue with his mother and nine siblings at only 1-2 weeks old back in February. Tito struggled in the beginning; he was so badly infested with worms that, when the litter was dewormed, he almost didn’t survive because he had that many in him that needed to come out.

He finally started to come around from that when we realized his hair was falling out in patches, so he was quarantined for suspected ringworm or some other fungal issue. To better cover his needs, he was moved to a new foster home.

With monthly preventatives and lots of love and time and training, Tito is now a strong, handsome, loveable pup looking for his furever home! Coming up on his five-month birthday, he would make the perfect addition to any home!

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