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Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary: Capital Improvement Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

A year ago, the Petfinder Foundation awarded the Blind Spot Animal Sanctuary (BSAS) a Capital Improvement Grant towards a barn and I wanted to share an update! The new barn is finished and, with your help, this barn saved countless farm animals who otherwise would have perished or faced slaughter!

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Earlier this year, BSAS was contacted for help for a mama sheep and her son who had a fractured leg (first six photos). Not only did the baby sustain a fracture that the owner wasn’t willing to repair, but his mom was also infected with Johne’s disease [a contagious, chronic, and usually fatal infection that affects primarily the small intestine of ruminants]. The family, along with the rest of the sheep, all were facing cruel death.

Our veterinarian asked BSAS for help. We managed to get the little family to BSAS and networked as many of the sheep as we could among other organizations. Sadly, those we were not able to rush to safety all perished.

Thankfully, Cocoa, the mama sheep, and her son Sammie were rushed to BSAS and are now residing in the new barn along with two other Johne’s-positive sheep and are thriving! Sammie was seen by our vet and is currently in treatment.

This past summer, one of our animal shelters, Orange County Animal Services, took on a neglect case involving two goats — a mom and her 6-month-old daughter — as well as two sheep — a mom and her newborn lamb.

Because we had this barn, we were able to assist by admitting all four animals.

We are excited to report that mom and her newborn lamb found an amazing forever home! The lamb was one of the most precious little souls!

The two goats ended up testing positive for CL, an incurable and contagious illness. We were able to safely quarantine mom and daughter in the new barn until a fellow sanctuary came forward that had a CL-positive herd and adopted both.

This past month, BSAS had an unexpected rescue, a young wild-caught mustang who desperately needed a safe place as his owner was elderly and, sadly, in hospice. Frosty, the young mustang (seventh photo), had nowhere to go and nobody to care for him. BSAS helped this beautiful and deserving soul at the last minute. Again, thanks to the Petfinder Foundation, we had this incredible barn and were able to offer this young equine safety and loving care.

BSAS is committed to saving lives and, with your help, we were able to save so many!

Thank you for your support and thank you for helping all animals, big and small! Farm animals are often forgotten and left behind, but thanks to the Petfinder Foundation, these deserving animals are getting a chance at a life in safety!

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