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Copiah Animal Shelter: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Surgery for puppy Vanna's broken leg

The Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant helped Copiah Animal Shelter with the costs of surgically repairing and saving puppy Vanna's broken leg. Vanna recovered full use of her leg, with no limp, and is free from pain.

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Vanna, a Magical Mississippi Mixed-Breed puppy (aka mutt), approximately 3 months old, was found in a rural area as a starving little stray with a broken leg. She was suffering in pain, emaciated, loaded with parasites, fleas and ticks, and had swollen lymph nodes and a bad skin condition. Copiah Animal Shelter took Vanna directly to the veterinarian and to surgery the next morning to see if her broken distal femur could be repaired or her leg would need to be amputated. Cross pins were inserted during surgery and her leg was saved! After time in a foster home and treatments for other health conditions, Vanna now has full use of her leg with no limp and is no longer in pain! Vanna was accepted by one of Copiah Animal Shelter’s northern rescue partners for adoption and found her family in mid-October 2020!

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