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Center for Animal Rescue and Enrichment of St. Louis: COVID-19 Operation Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The money provided through the Petfinder Foundation 2020 COVID-19 Operation Grant was utilized to support all facets of operational costs associated with our shelter, adoption, and foster programming. This included helping offset the cost of vet care, crates, pet supplies such as toys, and pet food for those who fostered for our organization as well as those animals cared for at our shelter. Additionally, these funds were used to cover the cost of our newly implemented decontamination/sanitization procedures, which specifically included shampoos/detergents such as Dawn dishwashing soap to remove and neutralize any potential COVID-19 viral particles living on the animals.

The 2020 COVID-19 Operation Grant provided tremendous support for our organization and the pets for whom we care here at the City Shelter. During this grant period, our intake numbers surpassed 1,000 animals. In addition to experiencing above-average intake numbers, we also had a rise in assistance requests from the community to provide basic care for owned animals. In particular, we saw a significant increase in intakes from owned pets whose guardians became unable to afford their care or who were experiencing eviction/homelessness. The funding provided by the Petfinder Foundation Grant 2020 COVID-19 Operation Grant helped CARE STL offer crucial financial support to provide basic care and supplies in these unprecedented, financially trying times.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Gallagher’s story, as told by his adopter (first photo): “I’m so unbelievably proud of my foster fail, 7-year-old pit bull mix Gallagher. We met in April as a result of COVID. I moved back home from New York City to St. Louis in March to quarantine with family and decided to utilize this time to give back to others. That’s when I found CARE STL.

“Never did I imagine that 11 weeks after meeting Gallagher, I would be making the return flight back to New York with my quarantine companion still in tow. Gallagher has made exceptional progress since our first meeting. He was a dog who struggled severely with fear anxiety and reactivity, but with patience and consistent training over the past three months, he has overcome these hurdles. But above all, our bond is stronger now more than ever.

“Thank you, CARE, for bringing this amazing soul into my life! I promise to continue to share updates as Gallagher transitions to life in the Big Apple.” – Chandler, Gallagher’s Adopter

Here’s Jackson’s story: Jackson (on the left in the second photo) is a beautiful, approximately 2-year-old survivor of distemper who came to our shelter in the beginning of June. Unfortunately, the distemper left him with some neurological issues, and his original owners surrendered him with the request that he be euthanized.

He is a happy, friendly guy who loves people, other dogs, and play. Before coming into our care, he lived outside 24/7, and while at the shelter, his favorite thing to do was to sit outside. He didn’t acclimate well to living in a shelter, and we were at a loss as to what the best, kindest outcome for Jackson was. We needed to find a patient, experienced, loving foster home as soon as possible to see if he was able to adjust to living the life of an indoor pet. The only other option for Jackson was humane euthanasia — that was the reality of the situation, since his quality of life at the shelter was so incredibly poor.

Shortly after this difficult decision was reached, CARE STL staff found the perfect foster home for Jackson. Because of his foster home, we were able to determine the best course of action for Jackson in finding his perfect forever home. After a few short weeks of learning how to be a beloved, indoor pet in his foster home, Jackson found his perfect forever home with CARE alum Morty.

Here’s Meemaw’s story: Little 8-lb. Meemaw was rushed to our shelter clinic (third photo) by our city’s Animal Control Officers after being found seizing uncontrollably, presumably due to being hit by a car. Our veterinarian wasn’t sure she was going to make it through the night, so he took Meemaw home with him so he could check on her throughout the night.

It was discovered that Meemaw had a fractured pelvis and an inguinal hernia as well as head trauma; despite pulling through the initial trauma of her accident, she had an unsteady gait and was only able to walk in circles.

After several weeks of observation and lovingly being cared for by her “vet foster,” we knew Meemaw would pull through (fourth photo). Her eyes became brighter and focused, her tail started wagging again, and she miraculously was able to walk normally again once the swelling in her brain subsided. With her sweet, happy disposition, it’s no surprise that Meemaw quickly found her forever home after being medically cleared.

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