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Hootie's Rescue Haven: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

We received a wonderful assortment of Kong toys for our rescue and shelter dogs. These dogs receive medical care and nutrition, but our shelter is struggling for funding in these challenging times. We don't have the resources to give our shelter and rescue dogs the toys they need in their journey toward socialization.

Many of our dogs will go to their forever homes once they have been properly socialized, and the Kong toys are vitally important in helping us to achieve this goal. The Kong toys calm the dogs and give them a sense of security, and they also help train the dogs to chew only the toys (not shoes or furniture).

How many pets did this grant help?

About 15-20

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Here is Stan (first two photos), deliriously happy with his Kong toy. Stan has the best high-pitched bark. He helps Tim with the farm chores. He found the lost chickens the other day and herded them back into their enclosure — a herding pit bull: He goes fishing with Tim and goes crazy when Tim catches a fish. He is especially excited by catfish.

Peanut (third and fourth photos) has found her forever home! We can’t thank enough all the people who helped this girl through fostering, training, transporting, and spreading the word. We think the first pose below might have been the one that sealed the deal 🙂

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