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Needy Paws Rescue: KONG Toys Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Kongs were distributed to all fosters who had foster dogs waiting for toys. Some were used at our adoption events to keep our adoptable dogs calm and relaxed while families visited with them.

Kongs are a part of the Needy Paws Rescue organization to help our dogs through anxiety, stress and for just pure pleasure! Our fosters do various versions of Kong treats to change up their foster dogs' excitement and one of those is putting peanut butter inside the Kong, freezing it and then letting a pup enjoy it! We also hold weekly Petsmart Adoption Events where our dogs sit in crates while waiting for potential adopters, and it is a stressful time for them to settle in for three hours. Kongs become extremely helpful to relax the dogs as well as show potential adopters the calmer side of each dog.

How many pets did this grant help?

40+ dogs

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

About seven months ago, a call came out to rescuers as follows: A stray from Gideon, MO, found with her puppies that were going to be given away for free at a WalMart. She was very shy, semi-feral, about 25-30 lbs., good with dogs, doesn’t want to be petted and will flee if given the chance. Need a secure fenced yard. Her milk is drying up and the poor girl is scared and needs to decompress. A Needy Paws Rescue foster mom stepped up to be the trainer and named her Foxy Mama (first photo). She has continuously worked with her to show her what love is all about and how to be a family member. She is our “feral in training” and has been with Needy Paws Rescue for about seven months. Her foster mom recently brought her to our adoption event to mingle with other dogs. The socialization would be good for her. Foxy Mama was there as we were giving the Kongs to foster dogs in their crates, so a Kong was placed in front of her on the floor (second photo). Her expression is priceless, as if to say, “Is this for me?” Meet Foxy Mama:

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