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Eden Animal Haven: Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The grant money was used to purchase vaccinations, testing kits, parasite treatments, and antibiotics for the cats in our care. Most of our products were purchased through Zoetis, and included FVRCP vaccinations, syringes, Revolution, and FeLV-testing kits. We also purchased Drontal, as well as antibiotics, from our vet.

After attending the Adoption Options Conference, we realized that with a more structured and proactive routine of testing, vaccinations, and parasite treatments for our cats starting at intake, our cats will be healthier and more adoptable. The workshop educated us on how we could incorporate a lot of that in-house to keep our costs down. We created guidelines that included testing cats for FeLV upon intake, as well as treating them for internal and external parasites and giving them an FVRCP booster vaccination. We incorporated a vaccination schedule which included vaccinating kittens starting at 6 weeks and given every three weeks. Our older kittens and adult cats receive two boosters every three weeks. They also receive monthly topical treatments of Revolution starting at 8 weeks, and two doses of dewormer. With antibiotics on hand, we were able to treat infections immediately without having to make an appointment with our vet. Overall, we have noticed that our cats are healthier and our adoptive families are very happy with getting a pet that has already had all his or her vetting done. Due to our reputation with the health and vetting of our cats, our adoption rate is at an all-time high! We have already adopted out as many cats as we had the entire year last year!

How many pets did this grant help?

The grant money helped 42 cats.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Bobbi came to us in April after being abandoned on a farm after her family left her when they moved. She was malnourished, parasite-infested, pregnant, and had a respiratory infection. She tested negative for FeLV and we started her on antibiotics as well as a regimen of parasite treatments and vaccinations. She soon gave birth to two beautiful boys whom we named Dice and Domino. As soon as the kittens were old enough, we also started them on a protocol of vaccinations and parasite treatments. Bobbi was spayed once the kittens were weaned and she recently got adopted into a loving family. Dice and Domino are now 12 months old, neutered, and ready for adoption. We would love to find an adoptive family for them together! Their Petfinder profiles can be found at and

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