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Animal Protective Association of Missouri: Pet Transfer Program Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Pet Transfer Program

This money paid for supplies, medicine and salaries for the Pet Transfer Program.

How many pets did this grant help?

This grant helped 46 dogs.

Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Scooter, a pointer mix, originally came to the APA in early February, a transfer from our friends in Texas County, Missouri. This shy pup took some time to acclimate to the shelter environment, and he wasn’t exactly excited about his new living situation. While he was gentle and quiet, Scooter had trouble warming up to strangers, and he would typically ignore the families who tried to visit with him. Without showcasing his sweet side, Scooter was having a hard time bonding with those around him. We entered him into our PRAISE program, an enrichment program that teaches dogs basic commands as well as attention and bonding exercises. Scooter began to show off his smarts and to look forward to working with his human trainers. Those who got to know Scooter through PRAISE saw what a wonderful and affectionate dog he could be. But the problem remained: How could we find a family who would be patient enough to see the same?

One day a lovely couple named Ray and Penny came in looking for a dog. They had recently lost two of their own pups within months of each other, and they were hoping to find the perfect new pooch to love. They looked around and decided to visit with a cute little Beagle and a couple of other dogs, including Scooter. After the visit, they said the same thing that most people said when they visited Scooter: “He just ignored us.” We explained that Scooter is a quiet guy who likes to take his time getting to know people. He could be choosy about his friends, and he didn’t seem to care much for young children. They responded by saying, “Neither do we.” They left the Adoption Center that day and Scooter went back to his kennel.

First thing the next morning, Ray came back to the APA. We told him that we were sorry, but that cute little Beagle had been adopted at the end of the day yesterday. He said that was okay; he was here for Scooter. A cheer went up through the whole building! Our friend had finally found people who were willing to work with him and make him a part of their family. Ray told us that he and Penny used to work with rescued greyhounds, dogs who often need time to adjust to home life after leaving the track. They had the commitment and experience with shy dogs that Scooter needed to come out of his shell.

These days, Penny and Ray say Scooter is doing great! The pup who shied away from human companionship now loves spending his days with his retired dad, and when his mom comes home from work, he’s sure to let her know how much he missed her! Scooter even lets his new people sleep in his king-sized bed and share his sofa with him! We’re thrilled that this special dog finally found the perfect family to love!

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