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Grey Face Rescue & Retirement: Emergency Medical Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Emergency Medical Grant we received from the Petfinder Foundation was used for the ongoing care of Nellie, a dog in our rescue. She required medication exceeding $200 per month.

The grant helped our organization immensely by supporting the costs of Nellie's medication. We were also able to buy a bulk quantity of her medication, which encouraged her foster to adopt her.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Nellie came to Grey Face Rescue & Retirement from Siouxland Humane Society in Sioux City, Iowa. Nellie was a young lady deserving of a second chance. At only 7 years old, Nellie suffered from CHF (congestive heart failure), urinary incontinence, a heart murmur and severe arthritis in her left forearm. Nellie received x-rays of her heart and lungs, x-rays of her extremities to determine the cause of her left forearm limp (which was determined to be severe arthritis), full-panel bloodwork, and urinalysis and a urine culture, along with a consultation by an orthopedic surgeon at VCA Feist and Forest Lake Clinic. Nellie is currently prescribed Pimobendan, Furosemide, Proin, Carprofen and Tramadol, which cost over $200 per month. Nellie was as sweet as can be and was looking for a home to call her own forever.

From her Petfinder profile: “Nellie is a beautiful, sweet old girl who is pretty laid-back and easygoing, which means she’ll transition really easily into any kind of household! She enjoys going for walks and will sit for a treat. She is a bit shy when she first meets you, but quickly warms up to you as long as you give her lots of love and belly rubs. She is not one who likes to play fetch; she would prefer to be by your side and just lounge around. Nellie does have a heart condition that requires medication every 12 hours, but it’s very manageable and she can still live a full, happy life!”

Nellie received the medical care she so much deserved and now lives happily with her foster family, who have adopted her 🙂

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