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Feline Rescue, Inc.: Shelter Challenge Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

The Shelter Challenge grant funds are not segregated from other unrestricted income. Instead, they are used primarily to support purchase of medical supplies and veterinary services for cats in shelter, foster, and outreach care.

We received two Challenge grants in 2012. Financially, the $2,000 in grants went into our unrestricted funds. As we are an all-volunteer organizations, the grants enabled us to afford $2,000 more in cat care, such as food, veterinary care, and medical supplies than we otherwise could have provided.Organizationally, the Challenge grants assist Feline Rescue to build action and participation among all our volunteers and supporters. We use social media as well as e-newsletters, our web site, and the low-tech walls at our shelter to encourage voting and participation. Finally, because of the regular quarterly challenges, we’ve built greater visibility and awareness of Feline Rescue within Minnesota’s animal welfare community.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Princess Leah and Concho are sisters who have always stuck together. For years, a group of cats lived outside at an armament proving grounds. A caring employee contacted Feline Rescue to help get the cats spayed and neutered to break the cycle of homeless cats. Remarkably, the cats were all friendly. So volunteers were able to help not only get them all spayed and neutered but also to get them all out of harm’s way and into loving homes.
Sisters Princess Leah and Concho were the very last cats to come in from the cold. When they first came to Feline Rescue’s shelter, they would shrink together whenever people approached. But they were curious. Princess Leah and Concho began to come out of their shell – a big cardboard box. They live – and still do – in Feline Rescue’s Flexi Suite, a smaller room that houses cats preferring quiet and not too many noisy neighbors.
One day, someone dumped Jelly Bean, along with several other young cats, outside Feline Rescue’s door. He had a serious eye infection that cost him his sight.
As a no-kill rescue program, Feline Rescue had just created a Medical Miracle Fund, specifically to assure healthy life for ill and injured cats. Jelly Bean had surgery and treatment with a veterinary ophthalmologist. He now awaits his “forever people” at the adoption center. But he’s not waiting alone!
Jelly Bean soon found yet another Miracle: Princess Leah and Concho. These two sisters, once timid, quickly surrounded Jelly with love and protection. They guide him when he needs a guide. He, in turn, washes their heads with affection.

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