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Wadena County Humane Society: Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

Mojo (senior hard-to-adopt dog)'s Adoption Fee
Indestructible Crate
Indestructable Crate Pad
Large Durachew Chicken Bone
Large Durachew Knot Bone
XXL Extreme Kong
Weight Management Greenies 4 Pack
Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

This grant helped Mojo get adopted through a reduced-adoption-fee post, set him up for success in the home by providing a tool for managing his territorial behaviors (an indestructible crate) when visitors came, and prevented him from having to need further obstruction surgery by supplying his adopters with indestructible toys and supplies. It helped us empty one kennel that sat full for a long time with a very sad dog. That made both Mojo very happy and the other dogs that kennel could then be used for happy too since we could save them! Because the grant helped us adopt a dog who had been holding a kennel for a long time, we think it helped save at least nine more lives by opening that kennel more quickly than had we not received it. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation!

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Mojo had been at the shelter for more than 100 days, and he was breaking the staff’s hearts. WCHS applied for a Petfinder Foundation Senior Pet Adoption Assistance Grant to help him get adopted, and we are happy to share that he was awarded $665 to go toward reducing his adoption fee and providing his future family with needed supplies. Shortly after, our adorable smooshy face with a big underbite was adopted!

Mojo had a lot going against him. He is a senior, he’s a big dog, he needs to be an only pet, and he is loyal to a fault — becoming overly protective when strangers visit. But we knew he was exactly what someone was looking for with his very loving, loyal nature. Because Mojo once needed obstruction surgery after eating a sock, WCHS, with the help of the Petfinder Foundation, provided his adopter with a brand-new, indestructible kennel, indestructible bedding, slow feeders, durable chew toys, and all the things he would need to stay healthy. Thank you, Petfinder Foundation, for saving Mojo!

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