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Humane Society of Bay County: Emergency Medical Grant Report

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Earlier this year, Julie Andrews found her way to Animal Control in Genesee County, Michigan. She was picked up as a stray with severe leg injuries, including multiple fractures, and an infected wound from her leg being degloved.

The shelter that picked Julie up was requesting rescue for medical treatment, which is how we at the Humane Society of Bay County ended up with this sweet soul in our care.

By the time Julie came to us, her leg was already succumbing to infection and our veterinarian also felt that the leg was broken beyond repair. It was also discovered that Julie was heartworm-positive. It was decided that we would have to risk amputation surgery in order to avoid dangerous infection and to get Julie healthy enough to undergo heartworm treatment.

The Petfinder Foundation Emergency Medical Grant made Julie’s amputation possible. After the amputation, Julie perked up and we could tell she had regained her zest for life. She was able to begin heartworm treatment a few weeks later.

Now, Julie is completely healed and has completed her heartworm treatment. Her final heartworm test will be completed on Sept. 19, and as soon as she is cleared, she has a potential adopter ready to meet her and take her home!

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