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Refurbished Pets of Southern Michgain: Kia Pet Adoption Grant Report

How did this grant help your organization and the pets in your care?

This grant allowed us to lower the adoption fees on several of our hard-to-adopt dogs. Sox, Gabby, Bentley, and Dutch were all adopted thanks to their adoption fees being reduced.

How many pets did this grant help?


Please provide a story of one or more specific pets this grant helped.

Bentley (first photo) is a 9-month-old shepherd mix who was surrendered to a shelter partner with his siblings. Bentley was the last sibling left at the shelter and was not doing well without his siblings. It was decided that Bentley should enter training to learn some self-confidence. Bentley was not getting any inquiries, so we decided to lower his adoption fee. Quite a few applications came in, but many dropped out for one reason or another. Bentley won the jackpot when an approved adopter saw his online profile and let us know they wanted to adopt Bentley! He recently went home with his new family.

Gabby (second photo) is a 9-month-old cattle dog mix who is a tripod. Gabby was recently adopted and then returned because the new family’s dog was not getting along with Gabby. Shortly after returning, Gabby was quickly adopted by an employee at the prison where she had previously attended training.

Sox (third photo) is a 9-month-old Australian shepherd who was recently adopted. She has really high herding instincts so she needed to go to a home with no other pets, because other dogs didn’t appreciate being herded by her. She was in training with 13 other dogs and learned to leave other dogs alone, but she still needed an adopter who would actively monitor her around other dogs. One such family decided to adopt her, and she is working to become an alert dog for peanuts, as her new owner is severely allergic.

Dutch is a 6-month-old Lab who was at the shelter most of his life with no interest from people wanting to adopt him. Dutch was selected to enter the training program where he would get to learn a lot of commands and maybe some cute tricks. With Dutch being a black dog, unfortunately, he did not receive any interest. When Dutch’s adoption fee was lowered, one family applied for him and they are now so in love with him. Dutch has been adopted.

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